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Successful Media Release Guide

EnhanceMyMarketing.com's how-to for getting the word out about your site. Find resources to help you write and strategically place media/press releases that get noticed and published.

This page is all about providing the resources to help you write and strategically place better media/press releases. While it is designed to help you write better media/press releases for the promotion of new Websites and Website features, the expertise and tools provided here could be effective for any kind of promotional campaign.

Remember, too, in this new era of marketing, your media releases should be used for many more purposes than actually sending to mainstream media. You should also send your releases to online media sources and influential bloggers, post your media release on one or more media release distribution sites, publish your release on your own Website, and email the release to key customers, clients, and other stakeholders.

Resources for Writing and Using Press Releases:

Resources for Emailing Releases to Mainstream Media:

Resources for Publishing Releases on Media Release Distribution Sites:

Resources for Publishing Releases on Blogs, Social Media:

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