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Local SEO and Marketing Strategy Tutorial

Local SEO and Marketing Strategy Tutorial for Personal and Business Websites

EnhanceMyMarketing.com's empowering local marketing and SEO tutorial provides practical and expert advice for improving Website statistics, increasing traffic.

What's the point of building a Website to market your business if very few people will ever actually find it and consider requesting your services or purchasing your products? The problem is not with building the Website, though some Websites are certainly better designed than others, the problem lies with the Website once it is up and running.

Are you ready to invest time and effort to enhance your site so that prospective clients or customers can find it -- whether through a keyword search in Google (or some other search engine) or from clicking a link from another Website linking to yours or from typing the name of your site into their browser based on seeing the URL from some other marketing strategy? If so, then you've found this tutorial at just the right time to take your Website to the next level using proven search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing strategies.

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