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HTML for a Small-Business Website

EnhanceMyMarketing.com's overview of HTML coding for business owners who desire to create and publish a small business Website or blog.

by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Founder of the EmpoweringSites.com Network

Having a basic understanding of HTML is important when developing your small business Website, but be sure to read my article, Tips for Starting a Small-Business Website. Read also my Do's and Don'ts of Web Publishing.

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the language used to create Web pages for the Internet. HTML is not case sensitive. Indentation, extra spaces, and blank lines are ignored in the HTML source text and are used for readability purposes only. Therefore, HTML "tags" are used to control formatting, spacing, and paragraph breaks. Listed below are the most common tags used in HTML.

One critical point to remember: Almost all HTML tags have a beginning code and an ending code. The ending code is usually the same code proceeded by a slash <"/">. As you troubleshoot your pages, the first thing to review is to be sure you have put ending codes wherever necessary.

<HTML> Begins the HTML code. All Web pages must have this command.
<HEAD>Introductory info</HEAD> Separates the text about the document from the main text. Title command usually goes here.
<TITLE>Web Page Title</TITLE> Displays the Title in the title bar area of most browsers.
<BODY> Begins the main text of the document. All Web pages must use the body command to alert browsers of the main text.
<B>Boldface text</B> Bold
<I>Italicized text</I> Italics
<CENTER>Centered text</CENTER>
<H1>Text in Heading 1 format</H1>

Heading 1

<H2>Text in Heading 2 format</H2>

Heading 2

<H3>Text in Heading 3 format</H3>

Heading 3

<H4>Text in Heading 4 format</H4>

Heading 4

<H5>Text in Heading 5 format</H5>
Heading 5
<H6>Text in Heading 6 format</H6>
Heading 6
<BR> New Line. Creates single space between lines.
<P> New paragraph. Creates double space between lines, paragraphs.
<HR> Produces a horizontal rule across document.
<A HREF="URL">Link URL or title of link</A> Establishes a link to another Webpage or Website. You must know the URL of the link.
<A HREF="MAILTO:name@domain.com">Email address or name</A> Establishes a link to your email address.
<FONT>Font style</FONT> Allows you to choose the style, size, and color of the font.
</BODY> Ends the main text. You must include this code at the end of all files.
</HTML> Ends the HTML code. You must include this code at the end of all files.

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